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Many people have asked what inspired me to write this book. My answer always starts with this joke. since I was born, my parents, brothers, friends and wife tried to tell me what to do but I think I lived my life mostly on my terms. However, I think my life changed the day my kids were born.

I have started looking at things very differently. Now, I am always thinking about how to be a better person and how to make this world better by contributing positively to our society. So the answer is – my daughters inspired me.


Every morning, when the day starts I remind my daughters that they must use less water when brushing their teeth; they must put the left over breakfast in the back yard for birds to eat, and they must turn the lights off when they are no longer in the room. My efforts to periodically remind them to be responsible did have some effect. But the progress was slow – some days my daughters would simply forget to do what was told to them. I can’t really blame them for sometimes ignoring these requests because they really have no idea how so many kids in this world don’t have enough to eat, drink and wear. The basic necessities of life are still hard to get in some parts of the world.

I was constantly looking for a book that can teach them all these important values that were part of my childhood. My kids have many books that talk about using the resources of this world judiciously . Unfortunately the content of these books hasn’t translated into life  lessons for them in a way that I would have liked.


The next year, when my kids were going to NY again with my wife, I thought of writing a letter to them, letting them know how much I loved them and missed them. Towards the end of the letter, I again reminded them to do their reading and writing, and their homework. I requested my wife to give them the letter on the plane.

The kids read the letter on the plane, on their way to NY. My wife tells me that they were very happy to read the letter and had tears in their eyes. It didn’t exactly lead to their doing their homework regularly, or doing enough reading and writing. But they remember the letter even today.


So I thought about writing something consistently in the form of letters to remind them of all the things that they must make as part of their lives. I just wanted to write letters to them but when I showed the letters to some of my friends, they encouraged me to publish them as a book. And that is how this book came about. I hope this book  can inspire both kids  and adults to use the resources of our planet more responsibly.

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